We offer such a wide variety of classical music programs to satisfy every classical music lover. Dramaturgy of our programs is based on years of experience of close cooperation with the audience and organizers. We always find a way to accomodate client’s specific needs. There is a program accompanied by a guitar or harpsichord for halls without a piano. Another option is to hold the concert in a church with an organ. The concerts are designed as an all-evening performance, however, a shorter special program for specific occasions can be created, such as vernissages, grand openings, or company anniversary events. Shorter theme specific performances, for example advent concerts for TV, are in demand. All our programs are highly flexible and adaptable to client’s requirements, including concert duration. We collaborate only with renown musicians to guarantee the highest quality.

Canto Dolce – Baroque Gems

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The most beautiful romantic songs

Musical meets FilmChurch sacral concerts

Spanish evening with Carmen

Georege Gershwin - The Man Who Hasn't Gone